Rainbow M&M Cookies (aka. Google Chrome Cookies)

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In my attempt to keep my blog alive I decided to make some cookies. Because I am visual person I decided to attempt rainbow cookies. In the attempt to make rainbow cookies I unintentionally baked Google Chrome cookies. Check out … Continue reading


Eat, Indulge, Love, Wine, and Family Video

If you know me, you know that I have an addiction to taking pictures of my food and almost anything and everything I see. But I bet you’ve always wondered, ‘What on earth will she do with those pictures?” Well, … Continue reading


Empanadas de Manzana

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Cut your Fuji green apples Use prepackaged dough Add a bit of cinnamon and sugar over your apples Place a dab of butter close (Incorrect) Make sure there are no air pockets open (Correct) Place in preheated skillet Fry until … Continue reading